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Winter / Spring Season 2019


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Tours in Spanish, English, German, Catalan, French and bilingual.

Includes: Tickets, concerts, tourist guide, 1 coffee, 1 soft drink, 2 tapas and a cup of wine or a beer.

Tour duration including concerts: 4 hours approximately.
Duration of each concert: 30 minutes.

Start Tour: 9:00 AM.

We will gather in front of the Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house where we will relish the presence of this majestic building, which is an invaluable musical testament to the city.

After that we will take a coffee break at one of the most intimate and peaceful spots of the town’s old quarter. From there we will begin our musical walk that will take us on a journey through the various time periods of the Raval quarter, such as the Old Hospital, where we will find the magnificent Biblioteca de Catalunya library, and the art school Escola Massana, which taught alumni such as Mª del Mar Bonet, Pau Riba and Oscar Font.

From there we will reach the port, where we will witness the tremendous contrast between decadence, today’s culture, order, and chaos and our route will then take us to an area that will surprise us due to its purely Romanesque architecture.

This is a monastic island within the city where we will enjoy our first chamber music concert on our musical walk. When we awake from this magical spell we will head for the spot with the best views of the city and relax with a cappuccino or a cocktail.

Thereafter we will change the setting as we head for a more lively area of the Raval where we will see the old streets cross over to more recent streets with traditional and new workshops and will reach the most jazz area of the city where the Taller de Músics is located, the most renowned Jazz school in Catalonia.

Here we will end up by making a dramatic shift, as we listen to a jazz proposal that bridges the port of Barcelona and Cuba. As always, we can enjoy the music with a beer or a glass of delicious Catalan wine…

Concert 1


Glier DUO is a newly created chamber music duo that is devoted to performing and teaching this type of music. Based on the experience acquired with Grupo Enigma Orquesta from the Auditorio de Zaragoza and Trio Florestan, Gabriel Vintró and Eduard Comalada decided to start a musical performance and educational project based on the firm belief that chamber music is the type of music best suited to make use of one’s technical skills and communication capacity, and this allows one to learn to perform with competence and sensibility.

Gabriel Vintró,   VIOLIN

Member of various musical groups, such as JONDEOrquestra Simfònica del Vallès, he has performed as soloist with the Orquestra de Cambra de l’Empordà, Orquestra de Cambra Catalana, Grup Instrumental Sitges 94, Orquesta de Cámara del Auditorio de Zaragoza. He was concertino director of the Orquestra de Cambra del Garraf and the Orquestra de Cambra de la Noguera. For over ten years he has been a member of Trio Florestan (a string trio) with whom he has performed all over Catalonia and Europe. He began historical interpretation as a student, and obtained a postgraduate degree in early music and baroque violin at the ESMUC music school. He has been a member of groups such as Liaison Ensemble and Antiqvvs Ensemble which specialise in music from the 17th and 18th centuries. He has recorded five CDs, as well as made various recordings for Catalunya Música and Radio Nacional de España. For ten years he has worked as violin teacher at the Conservatori Professional de Música de Lleida. Currently he works as violin, chamber and instrument teacher at the Escola Musics’son school and the Escola Municipal de Música de Sant Andreu.


Eduard Comalada, CELLO

Born in Barcelona, he pursued musical studies at the Conservatori Superior Municipal as a guest student under professor Richard Talkowsky. Later via a talent scholarship he continued his studies at the University of the Arts of Philadelphia with Deborah Reeder and Joseph de Pasquale.Specialising in chamber music repertoire, he took courses and took part in international congresses, such as the Curs de Música de Cambra de Verdú (Verdú Chamber Music Course), the Stage Internacional de Música de Cambra (Chamber Music International Stage) organized by “LaCaixa”, and the Stage Internacional de Música de Cambra (Chamber Music International Stage) organized by Trio de París. He has also been actively involved with orchestras such as the Orquestra Cambra Catalana (Catalan Chamber Music Orchestra), Orquestra de l’Empordà (Empordà Orchestra), Orquestra del Teatre Lliure (Teatre Lliure Orchestra), and Orquestra Julià Carbonell (Julià Carbonell Orchestra). He is currently cellist at Trio Florestan, teacher at the Conservatori Municipal de Música de Barcelona (Barcelona Municipal Conservatory)

Concert 2


Matizzband is a Latin Jazz trio founded in 2015 and composed of musicians Ciscu Catalán (piano), Lídia García (bass) and Toni Portell (percussion). All three members have a long musical career having been in various groups. They have created this project to celebrate the cultural bridge between Barcelona, a port town, and Havanna, Cuba.

This is a two-way passage. In Cuba, Bacardí, Partagàs, Sarrà and Gelata are Catalan family names that belong to people who became wealthy by way of the production of rum, sugar cane, coffee; unfortunately some of the wealth was also due to slave trade.

Cuban musicians from Catalan descent, such as Enrique Pla (percussionist of the group Irakere) or the internationally-renown Xavier Cugat, who emigrated as a child to Cuba along with his family where he received his musical education, were performers of havaneras, a musical form originating in Cuba but which spread all over Catalonia, along with Catalan rumba, which has a clear Cuban influence.

Matizzband has participated in the Transfronterer International Music Festival 2015, at the UNESCO headquarters in Barcelona commemorating the International Jazz Day in the 2016 and 2017 editions. Matizzband also regularly performs on the jazz scene in Barcelona.

Lídia Garcia Bascompte.

Bassist, she is studying music at the ESEM Taller de Músics de Barcelona. At age 10 he began studying flamenco guitar with Manuel Moreno Claro. In 2009, she became interested in the electric bass and began to receive lessons from the bassist Leo Hipaucha in the Music and Theater Classroom of Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

Currently involved in several projects on the Barcelona scene: Matizz Band, Carolina Alabau Group, Al Pladellorens Trio, Micaela Chalmeta Big Band (directed by renowned trumpet player David Pastor) and Scarlet s & The Femme Soul Band. She also opens the jam session of the JazzSíClub, once a month, with the Force 4 jazz quartet.


Ciscu Catalán

Pianist and composer, graduate in Humanities from UPF, he studied at the Badalona Conservatory of Music and at the Barcelona Musicians Workshop.

He works as a pianist and composer in several groups of the Barcelona scene (Yes We Kant, Mundo de Papel, Venus Iacta este, 400 grams, Atomic Yakuza), works as a sound technician as an independent and in different companies, composes soundtracks for advertising and he teaches piano at schools in Barcelona and surroundings. He is currently a co-founder of Matizz Band (latin jazz) and Chameleons (Funk).


Toni Portell, Barcelona 1966

Percussionist. Graduate from the University of Barcelona in German Philology with mention of Arab (UB and FU Berlin). He began his musical studies in Latin Percussion at the Taller de Músics de Barcelona.

In the year 2000 he moved to Mexico where he received private lessons with Tito Martínez (percussionist of Chuchito Valdés), Yunior Ortiz (percussionist of Willy Chirino) and Rubén Oyalvides (percussionist of Armando Manzanero and Francisco Céspedes). Co-founder of the Manglares group with which he offers concerts throughout the Mexican Republic for 10 years performing at various Festivals, among which include Mexjazz festival 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011, International Festival of Caribbean Cultures 2011, Nisville Jazz Festival 2014 (Serbia).

Parallel to the musical activity was between 2000 and 2014 official guide of tourists in German language for German tour operators such as: Meier s Weltreisen, ITS, Dertour, TUI, etc.

He currently resides in Barcelona where he is a member and co-founder of Matizzband and participates in various projects as a percussionist and studio musician.

Concert 3



Our city has been explored in its architecture, its literature and its pictorical art. However, music has tended to occupy a secondary place, even though it is one of the first cultural expressions in human history. This is why we want to take our audience on a musical journey that begins at the start of the 19th century, a period that is relatively unknown to the general public from a musical point of view but which was very important in its role as a bridge between modern culture and contemporary culture, and which ends in what has come to be known as Spanish music. The second half of this century is the period that gave us some of the most important musicians in Catalan Modernism, such as Enric Granados, Isaac Albéniz, and Francesc Tàrrega.

Within this context of Catalan Modernism we offer a selection of music by Enric Granados, Isaac Albéniz, as well as Frederic Mompou and other composers and musicians closely related to Barcelona.

The history of Catalan music abounds with composers of international stature but which are not that well known amongst the general public. Ferran Sors was the maximum representative of Romanticism in Catalonia, as well as a guitar virtuoso.

In the field of guitar music there later came such composers as Francesc Tàrrega and Miquel Llobet. Tàrrega and Llobet transcribed many Granados and Albéniz piano pieces.

This is why the proposal to offer a guitar duo with music by both composers has all the more meaning within the context of this museum.

Elisabeth Roma

She is a music teacher who received her musical training both here and in Austria. She has performed and taught intensively during her professional career; as a soloist or as part of different chamber ensembles she has performed around our country and in Europe. She has recorded CDs and has promoted and produced music by Catalan composers, such as Víctor Valls, David Padrós, Jep Nuix, Agustí Charles, Miquel Roger, and Joan Guinjoan.

Currently Elisabeth teaches at the EMM music school in Premià de Mar. At this school she has also taken part in its management.


Pep Colominas

He started learning classic guitar in Barcelona under teachers V. Mayol, J. L. Lopátegui, and X. Coll. He also took classes with G. Monden, N. Yepes, M. Barrueco, D. Russell, L. Brouwer, Sergio and Odair Assad, amongst others.

His interest in chamber music has led him to join various guitar duos and trios, as well as various violin, flute, clarinet and cello duos, in addition to accompanying singers.

He is currently a guitar teacher at the Escola de Música Municipal de Sant Andreu and he also teaches at Barcelona University’s Education Faculty.

His passion to spread his love for classical music has led him to start the musical walks in 2011 ( This activity has led to the founding of where he is musical and artistic director.

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